Software developer passionate about design and user experience. Frustrated with the education system. Autodidact. Persistent. Entrepreneur. Athlete.



I'm Computer Science Engineer by the University of Salamanca. I love learning new technologies and tools.
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, Swift, Kotlin, Javascript, Java, C, Dart, GraphQL, SQL.
Platforms/FrameworksAndroid development, iOS Development, Firebase, Flutter, Realm Database.
Design toolsFigma, Sketch, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Lightroom.
General knowledgeReact, Web front-end, NodeJS, Gatsby, server admin, Prolog, Lisp.

I'm currently learning...Flutter and React in deep.



I really appreciate the design itself, it does not matter where you apply it, from a toothbrush to a graphical interface. I admire the elegance of good design in the style of Dieter Rams. This is why I would like to work designing and creating new things and being myself part of all the process from the beginning with the conception of the idea to the end with the building of the product.
I think that it is the experience that shows what you know so don't forget to check out my projects. I believe in my own experience as a way of learning, in proactivity, in the will... instead of titles and other inventions created to supposedly validate or demonstrate certain skills that in the end do not fulfill that purpose.


My projects

These are some projects I've been working as developer/designer/engineer role (just me).

Calisteniapp - Calisthenics & Street Workout cover image

Calisteniapp - Calisthenics & Street Workout

This was my first project. I've learn almost all I know in mobile software engineering by developing this project. Today is one of my main income source. I've designed and developed all the aspects related with this app, iOS and Android clients, website, backends and so on.

2016 - NOW



The only thing that I like as much as technology is traveling. I'm currently living more or less like a digital nomad in my way of achieving the dream of discovering the world.

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