IƱaki Tajes Reiris

Software developer passionate about design and user experience. Frustrated with the education system. Autodidact. Persistent. Entrepreneur. Athlete. My favorite quote? No one can know for you. Nobody can search anything for you. Nobody can do for you what you must do yourself. Existence does not admit representatives.




English, Spanish, Swift, Kotlin, Javascript, Java, C, Dart.

Platforms and more

Android development, iOS Development, Firebase, Realm Database, SQL.


Sketch, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere.

General knowledge

Flutter, Web front-end, NodeJS, Gatsby, server admin, Prolog, Lisp.


I am currently finishing my studies in Computer Engineering at the University of Salamanca.


I really appreciate the design itself, it does not matter where you apply it, from a toothbrush to a graphical interface. I really admire the elegance of good design in the style of Dieter Rams.

I have put my projects first because I think that it is the experience that shows what you know. I believe that titles and other inventions created to supposedly validate or demonstrate certain skills do not fulfill that purpose. I believe in my own experience as a way of learning, in proactivity, in the will.



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